I'm a realist. I am not 21 any more. My back is sore, my legs ache and my son thinks I will be a better Dad if I "get muscles". I have a mortgage to pay off, door frames to paint, underfloor insulation to install, a lawn to mow and a leaking garage to fix. There's children's testosterone boosts to manage, a partner not to take for granted, student loan issues to remedy, nostril hair to keep under control, and dog shit to pick up. This is my life, nothing earth shattering, just the day to day living of an average human being trying to remember to take the right bin out each Wednesday night, but it's not all gloom and doom. My life situation is allowing me to rediscover the mundane, celebrate the ordinary and champion the overlooked in daily life. I am embracing the ridiculous and documenting the often futile attempts to put some order into my life and manage the situations I find myself embroiled in on a regular basis. I am less interested in the monumental and the highly refined, and more interested in making a connecting with people through my art. What I once ignored I am now more mindful of, be it a passing comment or a repetitive task, my intention is to try and live a more conscious existence. Through my art making and investigations, I hope to gain a greater understanding and a heightened awareness of the subtleties and nuances that underpin the everyday.

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