I'm a realist. I am not 21 anymore. My back is sore, my legs ache and my oldest son thinks I would be a better Dad if I "got muscles". I have a mortgage to pay off, door frames to paint, underfloor insulation to install, a lawn to mow and a leaky garage roof to fix, my children's emotional outbursts to manage, a partner not to take for granted, a mid-life crisis to navigate, and dog shit to pick up.

In an attempt to live a more conscious existence and better understand the world around me, I document the mundane, record the ordinary and investigate the overlooked that make up my everyday. Tasks that I once undertook without thinking are now performed with a new sense of purpose. Passing comments and fleeting moments are viewed with a discerning eye. I welcome the peculiar, absurd and ridiculous, and hold the run-of-the-mill in high regard. By investigating the subtleties and nuances that underpin the everyday, I am in effect reviewing the way I live, how I behave and interact with my environment and the people that inhabit it, with the intention of becoming more mindful, honest and ultimately a better human being in the process.

To help facilitate my inquiry into the everyday, I utilise a wide range of media, methods and processes to achieve this, including film, photography, drawing, object collection, data mapping, assemblage, sculpture and performance. I enjoy the unpredictability of letting research and process inform the development of a work, and presenting this to the viewer, leaving it open for interpretation and critique. Through my art making I hope to make connections with people and have my ideas resonate with them in some way.