Currents 2008
Milled aluminium, glue, metal fixtures
LED lighting sequencing
Building facade artwork commissioned by Centreport and Jasmax Architects through an artist selection process.

This was a large scale collaborative project involving many people from various industry sectors, including glass and metal fabrication, lighting design, construction, architecture and design to name a few. My involvement was to produce (from concept, development and overseeing of final artwork completion including lighting sequencing) an integrated artwork for the front facades that would complement the look and feel and add another creative dimension to the building.

Drawing inspiration from the harbour/port location, I undertook a series of drawing studies of the various tidal movements and current flows in around Wellington harbour and further out into Cook Strait. From this point I developed the sketches into models that, as the job progressed, formed the basis for the sculptural elements on the facades.

Currents sculpture facades concept/design
© 2011 S.K.M.Forsyth

Image © Jasmax/S.K.M.Forsyth
BNZ BANK HQ_ FACADE ARTWORK: Image © Jasmax/S.K.M.Forsyth

Initial artwork concept drawing
CURRENT 1: Initial artwork concept drawing

Initial artwork concept drawing
CURRENT 2: Initial artwork concept drawing

Concept explorations
BNZ Facade artwork: Concept explorations

Artwork model concept
CURRENTS: Artwork model concept